Nice Genes Dr. Frankenstein!

From 2001: Recently, there has been a media frenzy about the potential of genetic engineering. Although the idea is not new in agriculture or even with animals, the potential of human cloning has sent journalists, artists, and political groups into a whirlwind of speculation. Genetics related headlines have plastered the covers of TIME and The New York Times Magazine, not to mention numerous professional journals. Additionally, this year the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences nominated the British band, Radiohead for Album of the Year for their latest work, Kid A, a concept album about the first genetically cloned child. Genetic possibilities are endless, but the questions surrounding the "genetics" are equally limitless.

Today we offer a profound debate about the ethics of genetic engineering, and we want to garner every perspective possible, especially yours. You are our future politicians, artists, scientists, and citizens; these issues will ultimately be in your hands, and our fates will ultimately be in our hands, and our fates will rest with your understanding and knowledge has arrived today at this symposium.

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