Curriculum Writing & Design. Do you want help writing and designing high interest learning experiences? Mindblue can help develop differentiated curricula for a teacher, school, museum or company utilizing relevant media and pedagogical strategies.  We can also work with your team to design school/community partnerships and field based curricula.

Mindblue designs a wide range of differentiated curricula for individual teachers, departments, and large organizations. Our curricula and LEOs always give learners, with very different ability levels, multiple "ways in" to content. We always work carefully to make sure the LEOs support state and/or national standards. 

Our curriculum emphasizes connections, creativity and collaboration while preparing students for tests.  By design, Mindblue curriculum designed to foster engaging, fun, meaningful and open ended learning experiences that allow learners to look deeper into things that interest them.  

Some samples of our curriculum can viewed in the "freebies" section of the Mindblue store.

Feel free to read more about our team and consulting services. If you are interested in more information about working with us to develop curriculum with your institution please send an e-mail query to Ryan Goble at