Online (and In-School) Community Development. Are you looking for ways to connect teachers within and across departments, disciplines, or buildings at your school or in your district? Mindblue can help you create sustainable communication tools such as websites, Nings, Wikis, Blogs and Facebook or Twitter feeds based on your unique communication needs. For those of you interested in developing face-to-face collaboration we work with schools to implement the BLKE© System that "makes teaching public and collaborative." We also offer graphic design services to compliment these consulting packages.

Mindblue’s flagship online community is the Making Curriculum Pop Ning where over 3,000 educators have gathered to explore “better practices” that incorporate media, technology and popular cultures. We have also developed online (and private) social networks for individual teachers, schools and programs including the Faculty Leadership in Teaching Ning for the City Colleges of Chicago. We design Nings and wikis to help institutions, programs, departments and conferences to “make teaching public” and sustain collaboration over time.

If you're looking to assess and enhance your schools online presence we can help you develop a communication plan that integrates your websites with Ning, Facebook and/or Twitter. Our design team is also available to develop logos for your program or school.

If you are more interested face-to-face collaboration Ryan has developed the Banana Kelly Learning Experiences System© (BKLES) - named after the school where he developed it - to connect the dots in your building by making teaching and learning public and collaborative. The BKLE system creates a 21st-century learning environment where teachers collaborate within and across disciplines while increasing student engagement and learning.

Feel free to read more about our team and consulting services. If you are interested in more information on our community development services please send an e-mail query to Ryan Goble at