Since we launched the first Mindblue website in 2002 folks have always asked us if someone was "behind" Mindblue. This was and is a fair question especially since we often work with educators well versed in media literacy.

We think (and hope) people ask this question because our website and LEO©s look great! We license lyrics from music publishers and photos from artists and record labels. In some cases we are granted photo permission because the images are "promotional" for artists. From there our very talented graphic and web designers have always used these tools to make our website and products look as professional and "pop" as possible.

These factors have, at times, given our work the appearance that we might be funded by large entertainment companies. The truth is we pay for our website, photo, and lyric reprint rights using online sales, consulting profits and, at times (especially dung our '05-'10 web hiatus), out-of-pocket funds. The only exception to this rule is our is our early collaboration with Virgin Records. We developed the Ben Harper "Sounds & Visions" study guide in 2002 for a nominal fee.

When we select media for our LEO©s we choose materials based on multiple factors including artistic merit, teachability, our personal tastes, and sometimes popularity. If we work with an entertainment company - like we did with Virgin - we select songs based on the same criteria.  

Some of our freebee LEO©s use and credit images from other websites. Because these tools are designed for educational use and are not for sale we utilize those images under educational fair use laws.  

All that is to say Mindblue is a small, family-run business. While we are flattered that people have, at times, perceived us to have an impressive bankroll - we simply do a lot with modest funds and a small, dedicated and talented team.