About Us


Every day students are swimming in a complex ecosystem of advertisements, food choices, songs, video games, fashion, movies, television shows, professional sports and Internet sites. Many educators assume that students are "digital natives" who are immediately able to critically engage with their message saturated environment.  At Mindblue we believe we're all a community of learners navigating a wide range traditional and emerging media, technologies and cultures. 

We are here to help educators refine and expand their vision of teaching and learning using common and popular cultures.  We've worked hard to articulate mindful practices around the use of popular and common cultures in a wide range of classrooms.  Our document, "How To Teach with Popular and Common Cultures" has been published and distributed widely, guiding educators all over the globe looking to engage a wide range of learners in meaningful learning experiences.

Our mission to create research based learning experiences that engage educators and students in critical thinking and creative productions through our community, consulting and creative products.  


Mindblue sponsors the online social network Making Curriculum Pop. MC Pop is a free (but password protected) community educators can join to share ideas with thousands of educators from all over the globe. This unique professional development space is designed to help you collaborate and find ways to engage students using "better" educational practices around popular and common cultures.


Mindblue's team offers a wide range of consulting services for your educational institution. If you are looking for unique, research based ways to build learning communities and craft learning experiences using "better" practices we would love to collaborate on-site with your team.


Mindblue's store is packed with differentiated Learning Experience Organizers (LEO©s), some complementary, some available for purchase. Our curriculum designers craft some of the most hip and engaging research based materials you can find on the internet for making curriculum pop! 

We are excited to continue collaborating with educators at the new Mindblue site.  We hope you will join our social network and mailing list so you can find exciting ways to turn your curriculum up to 11! 

Good Vibes,

The Mindblue Team